Lions and tigers and BATTERIE’S Oh my!

If you get into MECH’s and Complex MODS this might be Helpful….


Lions and tigers and BATTERIE'S Oh my!

Thought I’d post a little something about batteries since I get asked this so much.

IMR is a product code.=I= stands for Lithium-Ion, =M= stands for the manganese based chemistry, and =R= stands for rechargeable.
ICR is also a product code. Same as before but =C= stands for the cobalt based chemistry.

Usually only the round cells commonly use these codes. There are flat cells and prismatic cells that use a Li-Ion chemsitry, but it’s usually polymer based. Everybody just calls them LiPo cells. High drain means that the cell can handle high output currents. ICR cells are usually limited to 2 times the charge capacity in output drain. For example, a 750mAh 14500 ICR cell would be limited to two times 750mA or 1.5A. This is why this type of cell must be protected. It has the lowest drain capability and the highest volatility or flammability in composition.


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