Innokin iClear 16: Dual-Coil Clearomizer Goodness

I like these…they can not be rebuilt or replace the Head But they are darn tasty…

John Castle

Stardust ce4 dual coil
iClear 16

Clearomizers are my preferred atomizing device when it comes to vaping. Less fiddly than cartomizer tanks, easier to manage juice levels in than cartomizers and with more on-the-go capacity than dripping systems. That said, most of my experience with clearos has come from using KangerTech’s offerings: the M3, T3 and most recently the Protank. I like KangerTech’s devices, with the exception of the M3, and will probably find myself telling you about their EVOD at some point in the future.

But today it’s all about the Innokin iClear 16.

What makes it different:
Dual coils, baby. They say two heads are better than one, and when it comes to cartomizers and clearomizers, that’s just a solid fact. The iClear 16 brings that two-headed mutant freaky goodness to you with 4 ~3mm wicks tucked into 1.6ml of juice capacity.

The connection:
This clearo uses your standard eGo threading, meaning…

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4 Responses to Innokin iClear 16: Dual-Coil Clearomizer Goodness

  1. John Castle says:

    Actually, the heads are replaceable. Just unscrew the base from the clearomizer, then unscrew the head from the base. You can get replacement heads the following vendors, among others:

    • sho2dapan says:

      I am Sorry, I did not know that they where capable of that…Got 2 from FT and Really enjoy them…One is already a Bit burnt, but I only ordered 1…Went to my old Cig shop and asked what they had…He pulled out a Box and said these are all I have 10.99…I laughed and said I just bought them for 1.19 a pop..

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