Benefits of Vaping Electronic Cigarettes over Smoking Tobacco

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Vigs Vapor E-Cigarettes & E-Liquid

Benefits of Vaping over Smoking

An e-cigarette is an electronic device that provides nicotine infused water vapor in order to simulate the process of smoking. Vaping is a term generally associated with inhaling e-cigarettes in vaporized form. Vaping is increasingly becoming popular among smokers who wish to feed their addiction without compromising the act of smoking itself. Unlike normal cigarettes, this e-cigarette does not contain tobacco content and nothing burns. But it still simulates smoke; thus giving the effect of smoking actual cigarette. These cigarettes contain a mixture of flavoring, certain amount of nicotine, and an organic chemical propylene glycol. Many household products and inhalers for asthma patients also contain propylene glycol as the main component.

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Vaping is a relatively new technique and hence the subject of vaping is quite controversial. There is no scientific evidence or proven research record yet…

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